The Band:
If it is about a distinctive and recognizable mixture of heaviness and melody, the name DIVINE:ZERO will inevitably pop up within the German metal underground. Entirely committed to Melodic Death Metal, the quartet from
North-Rhine-Westphalia has developed to a constant which has its solid place in the local live scene. Through their long lasting live presence as well as their two studio albums “the day god left” and “the cold asylum”, DIVINE:ZERO join the ranks of bands like Fleshcrawl , Obscura, Dew Scented, Orden Ogan, Drone, The Very End, Any Given Day or Hate Squad with whom they have shared the nation’s stages.
The Style:
DIVINE:ZERO are unmistakably kids of the 90’s. Melodic Death Metal with
Gothenburg like impression is their trademark which they flaunt. But who,
despite the 90’s-roots is assuming an outmoded sound will be taught
otherwise. Modernity is the commandment of the day, because the band sees no limits in terms of writing their songs. By letting in influences of any kind of musical variety of modern metal music, they provide their songs with a lot of
up-to-dateness and this also creates their material’s independence.

It has always been DIVINE:ZERO’s premise to sound modern without following
Here, the new 10-track-album produced by Achim Kaiser (Motorjesus, Settle
the Score and many more) “the cold asylum” (released Jan. 31st 2014)
perfectly represents DIVINE:ZERO’s live-atmosphere.Where many bands walk the path of ironing (editing) their sound as much as possible, DIVINE:ZERO catch their live feeling and record it for eternity. Though sounding natural and authentic are the highest commandments. If other band alienate their sound through editing and copy-paste orgies, DIVINE:ZERO put their aggressions of ‘playing live’ into the album. With 10 new songs and a lot of promising reviews, DIVINE:ZERO present themselves more confident and stronger than ever. Therefore it is time to show the metal society, live, what modern melodic, but also trendless Death Metal means: energetic live-force, resolute stage acting, distinctive riffing and hammering rhythms as well as a convincing sound – one of the band’s trademarks, which promises a lot more intensity. Encouraged by the positive reactions on the songs and their new shows, the band is aiming for the next level of the metal world.