Promise Down


Epitome stands for rock 'n roll from the Kempen with home base Dessel (BE), thanks to the change behind the drums since 2018.

This four-piece band flirts with influences from hard rock, metal and sometimes a bit of heavier grunge.

The additional guitar that has been part of Epitome since 2020 brings the sound of straightforward rock 'n roll even more emphatically. 

In June 2023, the foursome released their latest EP “The Reach,” shortly after successful club shows with Cowboys and Aliens, Temptations for the Weak, Rotzak, Your Higness, ...

Shortly after its release, Epitome was part of the Retie Rockt 2023 lineup that included Stake, The Sha-la-lees, Captain Kaiser, Toxic Shock, ...

The song “Vague” was selected for the Hell Spawn compilation CD distributed by “Rock Tribune” magazine.