Coffin Feeder


    Spawned on the day the earth stood still, Coffin Feeder is an unholy alliance between veterans in the metal and hardcore scene.

    A delirious and furious combo featuring members of Aborted, Leng Tch'e and Fleddy Melculy spew forth a high energy blend of groove laden death metal, grind and hardcore. Though all members are from Belgium, they are from three different regions within Belgium and speak three different dialects, so the members have to convene in plain English in order to be able to understand each other.  Now if that's not heavy, I don't know what is.

    Coffin Feeder will unleash it's debut EP 'Stereo Homicide' in the fall of 2021 and convert the non believers. Be warned, no flesh shall be spared. It features 5 tracks that are biographical in nature and tell the tale of dual serial killers who work in tandem with one another (hence the dual nature of the EP’s namesake.) Brutal tracks based around the likes of the infamous Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole and spanning several other killers like Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, the concept of which will mortify your mental state while simultaneously stimulating your cerebral cortex.  The duality of the damned committed such atrocities that it has to be heard to be believed!  “Stereo Homicide” will bring twin engines of destruction to life in a tale of the macabre for all who shall brave its delights!  Coffin Feeder will bore a hole into your head and lay its eggs in your brain that will be certain to be bi-polarizing!